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Willow~ Tree Spirit of the Waterways

This beautiful tree which lines our fresh water rivers and creeks is none other then Willow, otherwise known by her Old English name 'Sallow' derived from Latin Salix; scientifically of the Genus Salix Alba. She is well known as a healer and soother of souls, not only through her rich connection with the water element but also as her inner bark secretes sap rich in a pharmaceutical compound known as Salicylic Acid, the active ingredient which is found in Aspirin! In this way Willow is a wise tree ally which reminds us of the healing we can access through our connection to the natural realm. In magick she is a tree spirit which is invoked for her many energetic properties and has been revered since ancient times for her power. Traditionally Willow is aligned with the properties of Protection, Love, Healing and Divination; naturally aligning which the feminine and the forces of the moon, she as a botanical guide she encourages us to delve deep within our selves, into our muddy murky root systems and heal our selves from the roots up. Like most plants which thrive in waters, she has mastered the ability to recycle the fecund of the creek floor and turn it into the energy which will facilitate her growth and allow her to thrive in what seems unlikely conditions for survival.

As an edge dweller, she is a guardian of liminal spaces, with one foot in the earth and one in the water, she knows two worlds and respects both mutually. Her ancient spirit implores us to get to know the realms in which we also traverse, the realms within and the ones without. How she interacts with environment and supports her fellow plant and animal kin speaks to her nature as a nurturer. She cradles the shore preventing erosion which allow the aquatic creatures and river reeds to thrive. Here in the Southern hemisphere, particularly in our home town of Toowoomba there is a Willow Walk that is lined with Willow trees that have been intentionally planted to protect the creek ecology which flows through the urban landscape. She provides sustenance to the bees, moths, ants and butterflies through her delicious nectar as well as a place of shelter. In these ways she is a spirit of safe haven and refuge, a natural healer and advocate for growth and balance. Although she may present with a gentle heart she is more like the crone in that she knows the hardest of lessons are learnt in the dark and encourages us to face what lies beneath.

In the Autumn her leaves are the last to fall which speaks to her strength of heart as a potent tree guardian. We are blessed to be able to access and ally with her spirit through connecting with her in nature as well as including her in our magicka. In the Apothecary we stock White Willow Bark which is sourced from the Willow Trees of Poland. We would love to help you connect with this beautiful Tree in your craft and if called you can find Willow in our Apothecary Herbal Supply Range.

And So it is! Tayla Henderson (Lyfjaberg Apothecary)

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