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The Magick of Mabon~ Why utilise this Liminal Time?

Mabon is the turning point on the Wheel of the Year which heralds the coming of Autumn, the leaves begin to change colours and fall to the earth. The Equinox, which refers celestially to the time of year where the sun crosses the equator. This is considered to be a liminal time where like the leaves we too can create change. As this is a time where we begin to make preserves of our past harvests and reap the last of the earths bounty before she begins her winter slumber.

So, Why would we generate Abundance at Mabon?

Think of money working at this time as taking the bounty of the last harvests before the winter to make preserves and jams. This is a practice we began doing in days of old to ensure we had sustenance over the long winter and that our fresh produce wouldn't go to waste. We are utilising the energies of the Autumnal equinox to draw and gather all resources available to us to ensure that we are comfortable and well provided for over the long dark months to come. For us modern folk this looks like generating extra income or stocking up on material items such as winter clothing's and bedding to ensure that we are in-fact nourished, comfortable and can sustain our lives as we known them through the change in season.

Mabon has long been celebrated through the enjoyment of baked goods, seasonal fruits and vegetables in cooking, honouring the earth in ceremony and showing gratitude for those who we have toiled the fields within our communities. In this way, the Cornucopia, a word which we use today to describe something aplenty, is the perfect symbol for this time. Working magick at this time with the intent of abundance, also reminds us to energetically focus on manifesting resources which will come in handy to in times of scarcity, and alchemising the wealth you have now, into wealth which will continue to provide for you and support you and yours, when opportunities to generate new forms of prosperity are rare.

When it comes to workings of Prosperity & Abundance, who better to work with then our With Lady Luck? Fortuna, in her ancient form, was originally a Goddess of Agriculture before she was a goddess associated with coin, for a bountiful harvest was indeed the path to wealth and good fortune. The Ancient Greeks called her Tyche, to the Etruscans she was Nortia, Goddess or Fertility & Fate. She would guards the grains of summer, now comes through for us at the coming of Autumn to distribute the bounty we will require in order to survive the months ahead, and so at this time we petition her to show us Good Fortune.

If you are looking for a way to brings this magick into your spiritual practice and generate some extra abundance this Mabon, then we would love for you to read our previous Blog Post 'Fortuna's Mabon Money Magick" the first in our FREE Spell Series, where we have written a ritual in her honour with the intent to help our patrons manifest a little more prosperity this autumn equinox. We have also Curated a Spell kit especially for this ritual which contains everything you will need to perform it! You can purchase this kit in our Apothecary Shop.

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