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The Kynoch Witch

Intuitive Artist, Witch & Earth Based Practitioner

My name is Tayla Henderson (Tay for short) I am known as The Kynoch Witch.
I am a proud Wulli Wulli & Auburn Hawkward woman residing on Giabul & Jarrowair country, here in Toowoomba QLD. I also have European heritage deriving from Nordic & Celtic origins and as such my craft manifests as a contemporary fusion of Indigenous Spirituality & Pagan folk/traditional practices. I am an Intuitive Artist & Earth based practitioner. My practice is influenced by Animism, Shamanism & Witchcraft incorporating elements of ancestral work/veneration, divination, A, Meditation Journeying and more. 
As a child I have always been sensitive and open to the realm of spirit, honing my Intuitive skills since the age of 13 beginning my journey through research into the realm of witchcraft, tarot & the paranormal.

I began practising as The Kynoch Witch in 2019 after the birth of my first child as a way to come home to myself, thus beginning my journey into the realm of Intuitive Art.

Combining my skills as and artist with my spiritual practice/gift, I began birthing sacred tools for Ritual practice such as Ritual Rattles, Feather Wands & Staves alongside Intuitively channelled Artworks and Indigenous Art Creations.

I work with crystals and plants also in my craft and have built a strong connection with them through the birthing of my artworks and ritual creations as well as learning about their uses in energy healing practices. This also extends to my ever growing knowing of plant spirit medicine and animal spirit allies.  My journey with green magic and plant spirits has also lead me to specially curate and craft our Herbal selection in the Apothecary.

As apart of my journey I have also birthed my own Oracle deck, The Primal Oracle, inspired by our human ancestors who walked the earth in Palaeolithic times. This deck is imbued with the ancient wisdom of our primal past to guide us in the modern era. This deck is a creation which is closely tied to my heart as it represents the core of my spiritual practice and ancestral longing.

During the creation process of my oracle deck I had the distinct pleasure of connecting with a fellow like minded Intuitive, Petra Costa, from When Magic Awakes, and together we founded
The Empowered Intuitive Academy: Academy of Intent & Artistry. In this space we have collaboratively created courses which cover various topics from Deck Creation to Witchcraft and more.

Over my time as The Kynoch Witch I have had the absolute pleasure & honour to create Intuitive items for fellow practitioners within the spiritual community and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have had and continue to have, to connect to fellow Magickal beings and supply them with Sacred Tools unique to their practice.

I am grateful to be connecting with like minded spirits who seek to deepen their connection with spirit as a way to deepen their awareness of self, and will continue to value the work I contribute to this Space of practice.

Blessed be

Tay xx

Ways to Connect with me

There are a few ways you can work with me in my craft from my Intuitive Artwork offerings to Mentoring through the Empower Intuitive Academy! Check out the Links below to find out more xx


My Intuitive Art Offerings are channelled with wisdom from spirit, connecting with various crystal, plant and animal spirits to provide healing insights for your path.
This process also informs the birthing of my Ritual tools and items. All available in the Apothecary Shop.

Join me over at The Empowered Intuitive Academy to learn more about the realms of spirit and witchcraft, how to create your own Oracle deck!

Over on our Podcast, Petra & I have teamed up to tackle the hard to talk about topics mixed with a bit of humour to lighten each episode! No stone spiritual or mundane is left unturned over at the Empowered intuitive Academy Podcast! Listen on YouTube & Spotify!

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