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Fortuna's Mabon Money Magick Ritual~ March

As we know the Wheel of the year is slowly turning into the season of Autumn, and thus we are all gearing up to celebrate Mabon, the last Equinox before the great Winter descent. So, here at the Apothecary we have devised a ritual to ensure you are well stocked for the cooler months with a quick money ritual! For many of us especially those in the urban landscape, money is the modern day version of the harvest for any, earnings can be made in flux with the coming and going of seasons and so we have written this spell which can give you a little boost before!

Mabon Astrological Date in the Southern Hemisphere is: Wednesday 20th March

In preparation of the ritual, I communed with the Ancient Roman Goddess Fortuna, our house hold patron goddess, to help us divine a rite which would be perfect for casting during Mabon and to empower it with her blessing. So, with that, lets get into what you will need for the Ritual!

What you need:

To complete this ritual you will need a few items! So, we have comprised a Mabon Money Ritual pack which you can find in the Apothecary Shop, containing the following...

  • x1 Black Spell Candle

  • x1 Green Spell Candle

  • x1 Bundle Cinnamon Sticks

  • Star Anise Pouch

  • x1 Dram Fortuna's Prosperity Oil

  • x1 Dram Unlock Road Opener Oil

  • Bay leaves Sack

  • x1 Ritual Card

You will also need a Fire Proof Dish such as a cauldron to burn items in as well as a Mortar & pestles to crush your herbs with, if you do not have these items you can also find them in the shop!

You will also need Pen and Paper for the Releasing component of this Ritual.

*Get in quick there is a limited inventory of these kits! But all components are available in the Apothecary

The Ritual:

  1. To being this rite you will need to consider your timing! Although this spell can be performed anytime within the Mabon Portal, an hour of Jupiter is preferred for its Planetary energies, which are aligned with Abundance and Prosperity.

  2. In your pack there are two coloured candles, we will first work with the GREEN candle. Anoint your Candle with the ROAD OPENER oil, place to the side and light. You are beginning this rite by clearing any blockages you may have when it comes to generating the prosperity you desire.

  3. Whilst your Green Candle is burning down, take your Pen and Paper and write down what you know or feel is creating scarcity in your life or is blocking your path towards the money or abundance that you want. When you feel this process is complete, take you paper to the flame of your green candle and drop into your Fire Proof dish or Cauldron. By completing this part of the ritual you are removing are road blocks identified which may be stopping the flow of abundance. Allow the Green Candle to burn down safely.

  4. Next you are going to take your BLACK candle, anoint it with the FORTUNA PROSOERTIY OIL. Place to the side.

  5. Take one piece of Cinnamon and some Star Anise and grind them into a fine powder in your Mortar & Pestle or Grinding device. Breaking them into fine pieces is also acceptable. Take you BLACK CANDLE and dress with the Cinnamon and Star Anise powder. Leave some of the Stars intact to place safely around your black candle.

  6. Set your BLACK CANDLE up ready to burn and Say the following incantation: In the hour/day of Jupiter, in this Mabon Portal, I begin this spell, to complete by hours end I have released all scarcity , I welcome all energies of Abundance in I absorb Prosperity aligned with my desires and Praise Fortuna for her Blessings, as I cast the Bay leaves into the fire May her wheel turn in favour of me As I am, it shall be By Fortuna's will, so mote it be

  7. Light your Black Candle and begin to write you money goals or aspirations on the Bay leaves included in your kit. When complete begin to burn them by lighting them with the flame of your Black Candle, and cast them into your Cauldron.

  8. Allow everything to burn down safely and take one final moment to sit in gratitude with Fortuna. You may like to thank her for her blessing by offering her a token of Abundance. This may look like a food offering of seasonal fruits or a simple cup of black coffee with a sweetener added. (This is an offering She has come to love in my personal devotions to her)

  9. Once your casting is complete, dispose of everything in a environmentally safe way

We hope that you enjoy this ritual workings and have a Blessed Mabon! Feel free to tell us all about how your spell went! We would love to hear from you over on our Instagram and Facebook, Feel free to share this Ritual with anyone who you know could use a little extra cash in their pocket!

Blessed be Tayla Henderson (Lyfjaberg Apothecary)

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