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Rattle of Poseidon 🌊✨

Rattle of Poseidon 🌊✨

Rattle of Poseidon 🌊✨

Imbued with the sacred Talismans of the Trident, this Rattle calls upon the power and Might of Poseidon, warrior god of Olympus and commander of the Seas and all its creatures 🌊✨

Imbued within the handle of this piece is the Crystal Magick of Atlantisite, Aquamarine & Clear Quartz. Crystal which amplify the power and connection of the Great God Poseidon to ancient realms of Greece & Atlantis and the oceans which tragically engulfed it...

This Ritual Rattle would be perfect for anyone one seeks to work with the power and might of the Great God Poseidon, honour the Greek Pantheon or seek a deeper connection to the majesty of the sea and it's creatures, and the ancient magickal cities of our past xx


This is a Hand painted Shamanic Ritual Rattle Gourd, imbued with the This Rattle can be used to assist you in spiritual meditation, dreams & Journey.

This rattle will aid in spiritual enlightenment during meditation and sound energy healing sessions.Divinely created & Ritually blessed each rattle has their own unique sound created by the seeds within the Gourd, as well as the spirit of Rice & Crystal chips (Aquamarine & Green Adventurine predominantly), therefore no rattle is the same xx

Purchase includes scroll of information on how to use Shamanic Rattle in spiritual practice, including a step by step Bonding Ceremony.. and 1x Palo Santo Stick for cleansing your rattle & Intuitively picked Crystal xx


For more information on Shipping, Refunds and Payment Plant Policies please visit my Policy Page in the Main menu bar.


    Materials used to birth this Ritual Rattle:

    • Acrylic, Bottle Gourd, Tarot, Oracle, Crystal ball, Runes, Sigils, Symbols, Numerology, Plant & Animal Totems, Meditation/Journeying and Intuition of course! xx

    Sound of Rattle is Produced my the Seeds within the Gourd left over from the drying process. Pure Plant Magick! 


    This Item is eligible for Returns or Refunds as per the Terms and Conditions below. 
    If you are unhappy with your purchase or items upon receiving them please contact me with your feedback/concerns via email 

    Message me via Facebook or Instagram @thekynochwitch

    Terms and Conditions:

    • To be Eligible for a Refund on Returns
      Item purchased (Including extra items, Eg., Palo Santo, Crystal ect) must be returned via post within 14days of Receiving item
      (We willl not cover postage costs for Returns)
    • Item must not be damaged or tampered with
      This includes any damage which may have been sustained during transit
    • A full Refund will be provided for cancellation of Order, as long as the order is cancelled within 2 days of purchase and is not subject to a payment plan. 
      (If order has already been shipped see the above sections for Returns)
      (Please See Payment Plan Policy for more Information)

    I happily offer shipping to both Domestic and International purchases! xx
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    Terms and Conditions:

    • We Ship Locally & Internationally.
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    • We offer Standard Parcel post with a Tracking number provided and Signature upon delivery via Australia Postal Service
    • A Tracking Number and Signature post is included in every purchase and as such we will not be held responsible for any Loss or Damages which may occur in Transit.
      Refunds will not be Issued for Items Damaged or Lost in Transit.
      We are happy to lend a hand in Tracking or resolving issues regarding Postage Complications however,
      Inquiries in regards to Lost or Damaged Items must be made to your Local Postal or Courier Service
    • In the case that your order is not recieved and is Shipped back to me and you would like your order to be Re-Shipped, you will be required to cover the cost of postage.
      Order will not be Re-Shipped until full payment of postage cost is received
    • Please ensure your postal address details are correct upon purchase and inform us promptly if you wish to correct or change these details in your order

    I understand that times are tough right now, however I dont believe this should inhibit us from acquiring beautiful handcrafted medicine tools and spiritual supplies.
    So.. I am pleased to inform you that Payment plans are avaliable to those seeking my creations! xx
    Please read the below Terms and Conditions for this offering.
    For more information on Shipping, Refunds and Payment Plan Policies please visit my Policy Page in the Main menu bar.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • To organise a Payment Plan for your purchase please Contact me via my email
      Send me a message on Facebook/Instagram @thekynochwitch to organise your personal Payment plan
    • Payment Methods include: Paypal, Bank Transfer
    • A minimum amount of $60AUD will be required to secure purchase. This amount is non-refundable.
    • Remaining amounts can be paid as per the negotiation of payment plan across 2-3 weekly or fortnightly installments
    • Please Note that in the case of 'Change of Mind' or Cancellation of an Order, The Payment plan will be terminated. Amounts already paid will not be Refunded
    • Items will not be Shipped until Full payment has been recieved

    Please be assured I am quite flexible and understand things happen in life that may be unexpectated so please let me know if you have and concerns or issues in regards to your Payment plan/ purchase. xx

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