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Hunters Ritual Rattle 🖤✨️

Hunters Ritual Rattle 🖤✨️

The Hunters Ritual Rattle 🖤✨️

Over the Virgo full Moon I birthed this Ritual Rattle which absolutely aligns with the energetics of strategy and action.. Resonant with the energies of my Hunter Card in The Primal Oracle.. the irregular club shape which also makes this piece so unique also compliments this medicine 🖤✨️

The crystal magicka for this piece is Mookaite, Yellow Adventurine & Shell amplify the Medicine of the hunter, to be versatile and confident in one's movements yet connected to the land and its creatures..

My visions with this piece consist of a hunting party invoking the animal spirits which they seek, with the medicine men of our past wielding this rattle to induce transe and connect with the spirits of Primal earth


This Ritual Rattle comes with a Herbal Smoke Bundle and a Primal Oracle A5 Hunter Art Print🌿✨️

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