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Fortuna Money Magick Ritual Pack

Fortuna Money Magick Ritual Pack

Here in the Apothecary we have devised a ritual to ensure you are well stocked for the cooler months with a quick money ritual! Work with the Great Goddess Fortuna, She who spin the Wheel of Fortune, at Mabon! The Autumn Equinox, to manifest the Abundance you seek...


To complete this ritual you will need a few items! So, we have comprised a Mabon Money Ritual pack which you can find in the Apothecary Shop, containing the following...

  • x1 Black Spell Candle

  • x1 Green Spell Candle

  • x1 Bundle Cinnamon Sticks

  • Star Anise 

  • x1 Dram Fortuna's Prosperity Oil

  • x1 Dram Unlock Road Opener Oil

  • Bay leaves 

  • x1 Ritual Card with Spell Guide


*Get in quick there is a limited inventory of these kits! But all components are available in the Apothecary!! 

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $21.00Sale Price

    Solstice Sale

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