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☆Obsidian Primal Bracelet

Protection from the Ancestors and the land, with Obsidian, Garnet & Moss Agate.

Length: 20cm


☆Picasso Stone Bracelet

Gentle heart healing through living your truth and embracing simplicity with Cherry Quartz, Picasso Stone & Phrenite.

Length: 20.5cm


☆Dalmatian Jasper Primal Bracelet

Finding balance, calling on your inner strength, connecting to the natural world and ancestors.

Length: 24cm


☆Tigers Eye Heart Bracelet

Activating the Solar Plexus and stepping into your power with Topaz Jade & Tigers Eye crystals.

Length: 19.5cm


☆Picture Jasper Bracelet

Igniting your creativity. Leaving your mark with Picture Jasper & Fire Agate & Serpentine.

Length: 22cm

Please take measurements prior to purchasing to ensure it will fit xx

    $5.00 Regular Price
    $3.60Sale Price
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