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Spell Wish Candles

Spell Wish Candles

This quaint little pack of Wish Candles features mini Tapers of mixed colours, perfect for quick spells & travel Altars or Rituals!


This offering is apart of our Lyfjaberg Apothecary & Spiritual Supplies Product Line xx


Colour Meanings:

White: Spirit, Divine, Light, Crown Chakra, Soul Star Chakra

Black: Protection, Dark, Earth Star Chakra

Pink: Inner Heart Chakra, Inner Child, Love

Green: Healing, Nature, Prosperity, Outer Heart Chakra

Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra, Confidence, Joy

Dark Blue: Throat Chakra, Communication, Water

Light Blue: Throat Chakra, Water/Air, Peace & Calm

Purple: Third eye Chakra, Intuition, Spirit, Psychic Abilities

Red: Root Chakra, Courage, Passion, Power, Sovereignty, Grounding

Orange: Sacral Chakra, Sexuality, Creativity, Fire element


Candle Burn time is 2hrs total. Unscented.

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