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Shadow Earth Rattle 🖤✨

Shadow Earth Rattle 🖤✨

Shadow Earth Rattle ✨️

This Rattle was Birthed on the eve of Winter Solstice, in the longest night, it's energies of Shadow and Torchlight.. Illuminating our fears and also our Potential. A potent Space Clearing tool and Sound healer it's vibration is of protection as we traverse the Dark night of our Soul. Assisted with the crystal medicine of Mookaite, Yellow Adventurine, Dalamtion Jasper and Picture Jasper, it hums with ancient earth energy.



This Ritual Rattle comes with a Herbal Smoke Bundle and a Primal Oracle A5 The Cave Art Print🌿✨️

    $77.00 Regular Price
    $53.90Sale Price

    Solstice Sale

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