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Rose of Jericho~ Resurrection Plant

Rose of Jericho~ Resurrection Plant

This is the Rose of Jericho, Otherwise known as the Ressurection Plant for its miraculous ability to 'Come back to Life' with just a drop of Water!

This plant is a powerful and beautiful Herbal Ally when calling in change & transformation as it is a living embodiment of this energy.

This is also a beautiful way to honour the ever turning cycle of Life, Death & Rebirth in a devotional way xx 🌿


Simply add your Rose to a shallow bowl of Water and watch it Unfurl! Make sure to water minimally as excessive moisture can lead to mould. To return you Rose to its dormant state simply remove from water and allow to dry out xx


Price is Per Flower

For Magick use only!

    $12.60 Regular Price
    $8.82Sale Price

    Solstice Sale

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