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1:1 Online Mentoring Sessions

1:1 Online Mentoring Sessions

Now open for 1:1 mentoring sessions!

These are open to anyone wanting to learn and explore Spirituality or Witchcraft

As your mentor, I offer sessions where I can guide you in a better understanding and practice of any areas that you feel you are wanting to explore further. With a large range of Spiritual/Magickal practices that I am familiar with we can tailor an approach specifically suited for your journey.

As a practitioner, I am well versed in a variety of areas of Spiritual/Magickal practice and am dedicated to continuing my learning journey alongside others. If you feel called to work alongside another practitioner, my knowledge base includes:

~Working with Ancestors & Spirits

~Energy Healing & Channelling (I am a certified Reiki Master but do not teach Reiki currently.)

~Shamanism & Animism

~Traditional Witchcraft, Wheel of the Year

~Planetary Magick, Sigil Crafting

~Divination, Nature reading

~Herbal & Green Magick

~Intuitive Reading & Art

~Ritual Tool Creation

~Working with Deities & Spirit Beings

~Spell & Ritual formulation & practice

~Facilitated Meditation & Journey Work

~Understanding Paranormal Phenomenon


I am also a conscious space holder when it comes to discussing ethics & moral philosophy surrounding spiritual practice.

I invite topics outside of this list as well as I can still aid in helping you find resources for research (and to further my own learning!)


Available Mentoring Packages:

✨Single Session 1hr $30

This option is perfect for those of you who wish to see if we are compatible and would like to gain an understanding of what they can expect from future sessions. We will have a casual chat to highlight your areas of interest and plan further mentoring if desired. These sessions are also great for catch ups for previous mentees to pick my brain in a Q&A manner.

✨ Introductory Package $75

Includes x3 1hr Sessions where we establish a learning pathway for your mentoring journey. In our first session we will meet to outline areas of spiritual practice that you are interested in or would like to learn more about and establish goals which you would like to work towards or achieve by our final session. These sessions are flexible and can be multi-facetted in nature, flowing with your current interests and desires.

✨Intensive Package $135

Includes x5 1hr Sessions where we establish a learning pathway for your mentoring journey.

As stated above we will begin this package by establishing your expectations and goals for your mentoring experience. This is a more Intensive option as we will have more time to cover various topics and practices.

How to Book:

1. Purchase your Desired Mentor Session option and I will be in contact with you via email stated in Purchase to organize a day & time

(At present Online options are available only, but hope to have an in-person option available in the future.)

2. Sessions will be run via Zoom or Messenger and go for 1hr. If you purchase more then 1hr, your sessions will be scheduled upon contact.

I recommend purchasing one session to begin with if you are unfamiliar with me or my Magick.


I look forward to connecting with your and guiding you on your Journey with Spirit

*At check out please pick Local Pickup for Free Shipping xx

  • Refunds

    Sessions will not be Refunded once purchased if cancellation of booked session occurs. Session will be re-scheduled.

    If you wish to cancel your order prior to meeting, you will receive a full refund up until 48hrs prior to booked session.

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